• Action on the ground

  • We channel our vision and strategy into positive change that motivates our worldwide team.

    Noble operates across multiple commodity products, markets and geographies. When we expand our supply chains into new territories, we bring our sense of responsibility to our staff and to the community we work with. It is clear that our financial success can only be achieved if we can attract and retain motivated and committed staff.

    To this end, we have adopted a holistic and consistent approach to develop and monitor the progress of our local engagement programmes. We support and encourage our staff to propose and lead, and in turn empower them to build new skills and enrich their life experience. Depending on the socio-economic conditions and the capacity of public services, we invest in a wide range of outreach programmes that promote the wellbeing and prosperity of the communities that our staff cares about most.

    In addition, Noble strives to implement good practices to protect our planet. We understand the impact business has on the environment, and we do our best to measure and control our carbon emissions and support environmental conservation works.


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