• Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee assists the Board in meeting its responsibilities relating to financial accounting and reporting obligations; oversight of the external and internal auditors and their work; adequacy of internal controls and the financial risk management system; and suitability of arrangements for employees to raise concerns.

    Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee ensures that there is a formal and transparent process for the nomination of directors to the Board, makes recommendations to the Board on all appointments of directors, and conducts Board and director evaluations.

    Remuneration and Options Committee

    The Remuneration and Options Committee  reviews all matters concerning the terms of engagement, compensation and general remuneration policy for senior executives of the Group, including executive directors. The Committee also evaluates and reviews executives’ performance when granting options or awards to them under any share option schemes, or remuneration or incentive programmes established by the Company, and authorises the allotment of shares resulting from employee compensation, remuneration or incentive schemes.

    Corporate Governance Committee

    The Corporate Governance Committee identifies, monitors and implements good corporate governance practices and procedures as may be appropriate for the Group.

    Investment and Capital Markets Committee

    The Investment and Capital Markets Committee reviews and approves issues and redemptions of any debt or equity financing instruments for the Group within limits set by the Board, and ensures that the Group is able to quickly and efficiently respond to any capital markets financing opportunities. Also reviews and approves investments, capital commitments and disposals by the Group within limits set by the Board. Considers and approves financing and bank facilities; derivative, foreign exchange, swap or similar transactions proposed to be entered into (whether for hedging or other purposes) by the Group; establishing or varying banking mandates and signing authorities; and various operating issues such as those relating to public announcements to the SGX-ST, and issuing new shares resulting from the conversion of the Company’s convertible bonds.

    Risk Committee

    The Risk Committee provides oversight of, and advice to the Board on, high level risk related matters and risk governance issues, other than those relating to financial reporting matters covered by the Audit Committee; including, as appropriate, consideration of reputational, political and operational risks.